Thursday 17 August 2017
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How To Apply Organic Castor Oil On Hair

Organic castor oil is naturally processed oil obtained from castor beans; it is widely used all over the world for its amazing benefits. It is one such oil that is the most beneficial for the health of our hair; from improving the quality of the hair to treating several health issues, organic castor oil is one of the best hair oils that are available. But, the maximum benefit of this organic oil can be availed only when it is applied in the right manner. Here is the step by step procedure that will help you in getting shinier and healthier locks with organic castor oil.

How To Apply Organic Castor Oil On Hair

• Step 1- The first and foremost step is to pour the required amount of oil in a bowl, depending upon the thickness of your hair. Then, take an old t-shirt to cover your clothes to avoid staining and also prepare a wet towel or a shower cap before you start applying.

• Step-2 – There are two ways in which one can apply organic castor oil on hair – massage it with your fingers or apply it with a brush.

• Step -3 – Before applying; section your hair into two parts. Now if you are using a brush, then dip it in the bowl of organic castor oil and apply it on your scalp gently. The better method of applying any oil on hair is with the help of fingers as a massage of your scalp will increase the blood circulation, hence improving the quality and strength of your hair. Just wet your fingers with the oil and massage it on your scalp in circular motion. Start from the scalp and go to the ends until the oil is applied throughout your hair.

• Step-4- After application of oil, it is necessary to wrap your hair with a wet towel or a shower cap for much better effect. Pin up your hair and cover it entirely with a shower cap or wet towel for two to three hours.


• Step-5- Lastly wash your hair with an organic shampoo and organic conditioner and enjoy the amazing shine and quality of your hair.

These steps if followed twice in a week can solve majority of your hair related issues like itching scalp, dry hair, hair fall, dandruff, etc. For a much profound effect, make sure that the products that you use are completely organic and natural; only authentic organic products can provide you with the desired results.

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