Thursday 24 August 2017
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5 Benefits Of Organic Marjoram Oil

Organic marjoram oil, as its name suggests is derived from the marjoram plant; the fresh and dried leaves of this plant undergo a steam distillation process to produce organic marjoram oil. Native to the Mediterranean zone, this plant is used since time immemorial for its remarkable medicinal value.  Commonly known as oregano, this herb is consumed in the form of tea and is applied topically in the form of marjoram essential oil. Organic marjoram oil possesses several attributes that make it a healthy choice for many; from being an effective analgesic to a potent bactericidal, this organic essential oil is packed with several health benefits;  here we have put down five benefits of organic marjoram oil for you.

Organic Marjoram Oil

1. Analgesic

Organic marjoram oil is extremely efficient in relieving pain. The pains associated with inflammation, over exertion, colds, headaches, fevers etc, can be treated with regular application of this natural oil. Moreover, organic marjoram oil does not come with any side-effects unlike the other pain relieving creams and sprays that you find in the market, hence it is quite safe to use, as well.

2. Diaphoretic

This natural product stimulates perspiration or sweating in your body, hence acting as a potent diaphoretic. This attribute enables organic marjoram oil to remove the excess of salt and water from the body along with eliminating the harmful toxins present in our body. Therefore, it also helps in regulating body temperature and even brings down fever.

3. Digestive

The marjoram essential oil aids in digestion by stimulating secretion of gastric juices, acids and bile in the stomach. This natural oil is used for the past several years as a remedy for effective digestion.   Also, the fragrance of this natural product can stir up the salivary glands thus helping in the primary digestive activity. This natural oil has the ability to trigger the peristaltic movement in the intestine, the movement by which the ingested food advances in the digestive tract, facilitating bowel movements and hence effective digestion.

Marjoram Oil

4. Bactericidal

Organic marjoram oil destroys the harmful bacteria present in our body. This natural oil can fight all bacterial diseases like typhoid, food poisoning, malaria and other bacterial infections in the body.

5. Sedative

Organic marjoram oil is potent anti-depressant with the ability to calm down your senses and relieve you from any sort of anxiety and nervous stress. It is known to induce a sedative and calming effect on our mind as well as our body, thus acting as a pacifier for patients suffering from any trauma or shock.

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