Thursday 24 August 2017
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6 Beauty Uses Of Organic Argan Oil

‘Liquid gold’, this is what organic argan oil is known all over the world for its amazing properties and characteristics.  Produced from the argan nut that grows on Argan tree, organic argan oil is majorly produced in Morocco. The natural and organic form of this oil is produced by hand cracking the nut; hand grounded using stone grinders and then cold pressed to produce the essential oil. It is that one product that will take you through your entire beauty routine in the simplest manner. Let us find out how.

argan oil

1. Face Moisturizer

Organic argan oil is dry oil, so it is absorbed easily into the skin without leaving it greasy. Just few drops of this natural product on your face and neck post cleansing can do wonders for your skin.

2. Toner

Mix this product with your toner to hydrate and tone your skin at the same time. It can also be used to create a toner; add some of its drops in rose water and you can get an effective hydrating toner for your skin

3. Face Mask

A brightening and refreshing face mask is what you can create with organic argan oil. Simply take one tablespoon of lemon juice, three teaspoons of Greek yogurt, one tablespoon honey and 3 drops of organic argan oil in a bowl and blend them well. Clean you face and tap it dry before applying the mask. Keep the mask n for 10 minutes followed by rinsing it off with warm water.

4. Lip Scrub

Not only for our face, this natural oil has proven to be an excellent scrub and moisturizer for our lips, as well. Making a lip scrub with argan oil is a convenient process; all you need is vanilla extract, some brown sugar and few drops of this essential oil. Mix these ingredients, massage your lips with it and then rinse off after few minutes.
5. Heel Softener

The solution to cracked heels is this remarkable essential oil. It works as an overnight treatment for nourishment of heels. Before going to bed, apply a good amount of argan oil on your feet and heels and then cover our heels with socks to wake up to soft feet the next morning.

6. Bath Oil

This natural oil has the ability to make your showers more rejuvenating and refreshing.  Apply it directly onto your skin after taking a bath or add it in your bath lotion; either way you can use organic argan oil to get a supple and glowing skin.
USDA, APEDA, etc are some of the organizations that look after your organic needs and demands. These are basically certification authorities that certify genuine and authentic organic products and prevent you from buying fake ones. So, when you buy any organic oil or organic cosmetic, just ensure that all the labels it bears are correct, genuine and come from certified agencies.

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