Thursday 17 August 2017
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6 Benefits Of Organic Sandalwood Oil

Organic sandalwood oil is one of the oldest essential oils; it was used for its exotic fragrance in ancient times. This organic essential oil is derived from the tree of sandalwood through the process of steam distillation of matured wood. The procedure to extract is quite complicated and long but is certainly worth the wait. Owing to the exquisite fragrance, this natural product finds extensive use in cosmetics, perfumes, deodorants, etc. Apart from this, it can be highly beneficial for our health as well. Below stated are some of the top benefits of organic sandalwood oil.

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1.    Anti-Inflammatory

The extraordinary cooling effect of organic sandalwood oil can help in relieving severe pain, thus making it a remarkable anti-inflammatory agent.  Be it inflammation in nervous system, circulatory system, digestive system that result from wounds, antibiotics, etc can be cured competently with this natural essential oil.

2.    Antiseptic

It is an excellent medicine for internal and external infections courtesy its antiseptic nature. Internal infections like ulcers can be prevented and cured with consumption of sandalwood oil; while externally it protects the wounds, sores, etc from getting infected and becoming septic.

3.    Boosts Memory

Inhaling the exotic scent of sandalwood oil can sharpen your memory to a great extent. It has the ability to relax and rejuvenate our brain instantly, thereby stimulating the concentration power. Also, it relieves our brain from unwanted stress and anxiety.

Vanilla Sandal wood

4.    Skin Care

It has the ability to soothe our skin and to heal and eliminate the scars and spots on our skin in a short period of time. This is the reason, it was used as a skin pack in ancient times; though in today’s time it is slightly expensive to use it as a skin pack but some amount of sandalwood oil is mixed in skin care soaps and lotions that can look after your skin to some level.

5.    Disinfecetant

This attribute of organic sandalwood oil is the reason it is widely used in cosmetics and in religious ceremonies. Its scent keeps harmful micro-organisms and insects away and thus it is used in various incense sticks, evaporators, etc. Moreover, it is often mixed in bathing water or bathing lotion to keep your skin away from infections and to protect your wounds from any infection.

6.    Expectorant

Viral infections like cough, sneezing, flu, etc can easily be treated with sandalwood essential oil. It is a great expectorant and can treat viral diseases in a timely and effective manner.Buying organic sandalwood oil is certainly a pricey affair. So, it becomes imperative that you buy a genuine one. The major difference between a fake and authentic organic product is the presence of the certification mark on the product. These certification labels are given by government authorized agencies that determine the level of purity and authenticity of an organic article.

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