Thursday 17 August 2017
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7 Benefits Of Organic Pine Oil

Organic pine oil is basically an essential oil that is produced from the leaves of the pine tree. The antiseptic, antibacterial and analgesic properties and ease of availability has made this oil as one of the top choices for curing several diseases. Further, this oil has the ability to blend well with other essential oils like lavender, cedar wood, rosemary, etc, so can be effectively used in many aromatherapy preparations. Extremely safe essential oil to use owing to its low level of toxicity for humans, the benefits of organic pine oil are numerous and the most significant ones are jotted down here. Take a look.

Organic Pine Oil1. Skin Care

The skin benefits of organic pine oil are so effective that even dermatologists approve of its use for treating skin problems. Eczema, scabies, psoriasis, pimples, sores, etc can be treated to a great extent with regular application of this organic product. It can also combat the effect of free radicals that negatively impact the sheen and health of our skin due to its anti-oxidant nature.

2.  Cosmetics

Various cosmetics make use of this essential oil due to its mesmerizing aroma and cleaning properties. It is used in producing many perfumes and mists, massage oils, bath oils, soaps,

3. Improves Metabolism

Pine essential oil has the ability to improve the metabolism rate and enhance our energy levels. This is the reason it is used as a medication in case of food poisoning as it stimulates our body to eliminate harmful components at a faster rate.

4. Pain Relief

An analgesic in nature, organic pine oil can be extremely efficient when it comes to reducing pain caused due to arthritis and rheumatism and even joint pains. It also helps in eliminating the redness of the sore areas as along with being analgesic, this natural product also possesses remarkable anti-inflammatory properties.

Organic Pinee Oil

5. Treats Stress Disorders

A mood elevator, pine essential oil is extensively used as massage oil for relieving mental stress and exhaustion. A regular massage with this miraculous potion can render you mental clarity, eliminate anxiety, refresh your spirits and improve your concentration levels.

6. Eye Health

Many eye problems like cataracts, macular degeneration and vision related disorders occur due to the problems of free radicals. This essential oil has proved to be a great anti-oxidant that can eliminate these free radicals entirely, thereby ensuring eye health. Also, it can protect our eyes from age-related vision failure.

7.Treats Injuries

Be it boils, cuts, sports injuries or Athlete’s foot, organic pine oil treats all sorts of external injury given its antiseptic nature. Besides being an excellent antiseptic, this natural product also possesses some anti-fungal characteristics that help in curing dangerous fungal infections in our body.

Organic products come with a lot of beauty and health benefits. But one can enjoy these benefits only when they invest in authentic organic products. To distinguish between the fake and original organic article, you just have to study the package carefully. If the package contains certification mark by authorized organization like USDA, APEDA, then the product is organic and safe to use and consume.

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