Thursday 17 August 2017
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Beauty Benefits Of Organic Rosehip Seed Oil

Organic rosehip seed oil is essentially derived from the seeds of rose plant that is predominantly grown in Chile. This organic oil is gradually becoming one of the most popular products, almost next to organic coconut oil, when it is about organic skin care. This amazing oil is loaded with anti-oxidants vitamins and other hydrating elements that are known to correct almost all skin blemishes, spots and also keeps the skin hydrated. Organic rosehip seed oil is used by many women across the globe, including the celebrities in order to get a glowing skin each day. Here we have cited some reasons that will enable you to understand why organic rosehip oil has suddenly become one of the most sought after oils in the world.


Extremely Light And Non-Greasy

Extracted from the scented rose plant, organic rosehip seed oil super light unlike other heavy oils. It easily gets absorbed into the skin, hence keeping our skin thoroughly moisturized without giving it a greasy appeal. Moreover, being anti-inflammatory and rich in anti-oxidants, this natural helps to soothe the skin to a great extent.

Fights Ageing Signs

Vitamin-C is an anti-oxidant that has the ability to damage the free radicals that are the main cause behind those wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin. Organic rosehip oil contains natural Vitamin-C as the anti-oxidant supply of this oil does not go away in its processing unlike some oils. Hence, it is one of the most effective organic skin care product in fighting the signs of ageing.

Promotes Quick Healing

The efficiency of organic rose hip oil in preventing scars and healing wounds has been proved through several researches. A simple topical treatment with this natural oil can treat wounds effectively. The presence of a compound namely transretinoic acid which is a derivative of Vitamin-A is highly responsible for the healing effect of organic rosehip oil. This is one of the active ingredients in organic rosehip oil and makes it an effective treatment for eczema and acne, as well.


Helps Skin Cell Regeneration

The presence of transretinoic acid enables organic rosehip oil to rejuvenate the skin and helps in effective reduction of damage caused by external factors. This acid is an anti-inflammatory agent which helps the skin cells to regenerate quickly. Also, organic rosehip oil is composed of about 80 percent of fatty acids which are quite essential to maintain the skin’s health. These essential fatty acids tend to form lipids which protect the outer layer of one’s skin from harmful UV rays of the sun and pollutions and even restrict the loss of skin’s natural moisture

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