Thursday 17 August 2017
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Benefits of Organic Borage Oil

Organic Borage Oil or Borage seed oil is extracted from the highly valued Borage plant. As its name suggests, the seeds of the borage plant are cold-pressed to produce organic borage oil. The borage oil is also known as the starflower oil courtesy the star shape of these flowers. This natural oil holds immense health benefits especially for women. This natural oil has the highest quantities of GLA (Gamma Linoleic Acid) which is quite responsible for its powerful health benefits. Not only health, this natural product plays a great role in natural skin care as well. Let us explore the several other health benefits of organic borage oil.

Organic Borage Oil

Treats Arthritis

Consumption of organic borage oil causes effective reduction of inflammatory metabolic products. As arthritis is caused due to inflammation of muscles, organic borage oil acts as potent anti-inflammatory oil that can easily cure severe arthritis pain. You can even massage this healthy oil on joints to reduce the pain considerably.

Treats Acne

The anti-inflammatory nature of organic borage oil makes it a powerful solution for acne. Application of organic borage oil on the affected area can reduce the redness caused by acne and even eliminate the spots completely.

Skin Massage

Organic borage oil is an effective massage oil for skin. Basically, this natural oil has the ability to enhance the water retention capacity of the skin, thus keeping it hydrated and supple all day long. Also, organic borage oil dissolves the excessive sebum off the skin, thus being an effective remedy for all oily skin related problems.

Treats Eczema

Organic borage oil was regarded as a great remedy for eczema in ancient times. Even today, this oil can cure this skin problem to a great extent. Just apply one gram of organic borage oil topically on the affected area for better results. It is an effective cure for psoriasis, as well.



Inclusion of organic borage oil in your diet can help you find immense mental relief. It is an exceptionally great cure for dealing with problems like stress and schizophrenia. This natural oil has the ability to render a protective effect on the nerves thus preventing any damage to the nervous system and also helping to fight off problems like depression, anxiety, etc.

Stimulates Hair Growth

DHT is one substance that is highly responsible for hair breakage and hair loss. Some studies have proved that organic borage oil can block or reduce the production of DHT to some level. The quantity of oil used should not be more than 1 gram. It is advised to take this oil as a supplement but its diluted form can be applied on hair, as well .

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