Thursday 17 August 2017
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Benefits Of Organic Carrot Seed Oil

Organic carrot seed essential oil derives its name from the plant it is extracted from. This natural oil is obtained from the dried seeds of the wild carrot plant and even the dried plant, at times. Organic carrot seed oil should not be mistaken for macerated carrot oil. This naturally obtained essential oil is known for its amazing healing properties and has been used by many ancient Indians and Greeks for the same purpose.  It comes in a yellowish brown color are with a distinct woody aroma. This organic oil has several benefits given its healthy composition. Let us take a look at some of them.

Organic Carrot Seed Oil
• A detoxifying agent

Organic carrot seed is a potent detoxifying agent and can effectively detoxify blood, muscles and even our internal organs like liver and kidney. In case of liver, this natural oil can help treats all the infections in liver during jaundice; also it helps neutralize excess secretion of bile from the liver. Moreover, carrot seed oil removes harmful toxins such as uric acid from muscles and blood thereby preventing arthritis, rheumatism, etc.

• Massage Oil

Organic carrot seed oil excellent aroma therapeutic properties. It is often used a massage oil or even as a bath as it effectively eases down muscle pain. A massage with this natural oil on routine basis can relieve all your muscle aches.  Also, its earthy fragrance also is a great option if you want to relieve yourself from stress, anxiety and depression and keeps you refreshed and rejuvenated. It is also considered highly beneficial for the skin, as well.

• An effective antiseptic

Organic carrot seed oil comes with powerful antiseptic properties. It can be applied topically or ingested to cure different kinds of infections. It can prevent tetanus. Also, when applied externally, it can treat all the open wounds and all other skin related infections; when consumed internally it effectively cures problems like sores, throat infection, stomach infection among all sorts of internal infections. Further, it can even prevent viral infections in the respiratory system and cure problems like cough, flu, etc.

• Stimulant

Organic carrot seed oil stimulates the functioning of metabolic and circular systems. It is this stimulant property of carrot seed oil that enables our brain to remain alert and active all the time as it stimulates the functioning of brain and nerves. Further, this natural product stimulates the secretion of enzymes, hormones, bile juice, etc and keeps all our organs healthy and active.

• Nourishes Skin

A regular application of organic carrot seed oil on our skin nourishes it and keeps it glowing and healthy all the time. This oil can tighten your skin and maintains or restores its healthy and youthful glow. This is the reason this organic oil is used in several organic skin care products.

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