Thursday 24 August 2017
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Benefits Of Organic Geranium Oil

The steam distillation of the stems and leaves of the geranium plant produces the beneficial organic geranium oil. This natural oil is regarded as one holistic cure for physical, emotional and mental health.  The maximum use of this essential oil is done in the science of aroma therapy, this sweet scented oil has the ability to uplift your mood and calm your senses instantly. Non-toxic, anti-depressant, non-irritant, therapeutic and anti-septic, organic geranium oil can cater to several ailments and disorders. From skin care to minor health issues, this natural oil can be trusted for the effective treatment. Below are some of the benefits of organic geranium oil that can elaborately explain its worth and significance.

Organic Geranium Oil

1. Fights Infection

From minor infections such as a wound to infections like Athlete’s foot can be effectively cured with the help of organic geranium oil. This natural possesses anti-bacterial properties and hence can stop the growth of bacteria on your skin. The use of geranium oil for all external infection also indirectly promotes healthier and better immune system as it allows our immune system to focus only on the internal infections, thus ensuring better immunity.  .

2. Promotes Healing

The potent cicatrizing properties of organic geranium oil enables it to increase the circulation of blood right below our skin’ surface, thus healing the acne spots, surgical incision, cuts, wounds and skin irritation. It even helps in quick fading of any kind of scars and spots that develop on the skin after an injury. Moreover, this oil is an effective blood clot inducer; it can cause the blood vessels to contract thus stopping the flow of blood from a wound.

3. Skin Care

With its astringent properties, organic geranium oil has the ability to induce contractions in some parts of our body. Due to this ability it is very effective in tightening the facial skin and thus can minimize the fine lines and wrinkles on your skin. You just have to add two drops of this natural oil in your face lotion and apply it twice in a day and within a week you can witness the wrinkles on your skin fade gradually.  Apart from this organic geranium oil can also cure many skin problems like dermatitis, acne, etc. A mixture of five drops of geranium oil and one teaspoon of organic coconut oil when rubbed on the affected area twice in a day can prevent almost every skin problem.

Organic Geranium Oil

4. Fights Nerve Pain

Research has proved that this natural oil can effectively reduce the nerve pain. As it is known that organic geranium oil find extensive use in aroma therapy for its ability to calm down our senses, the same reason is why it is used in treating nerve pain related problems.  A massage with the massage oil made up of one tablespoon of organic coconut oil and three drops of organic geranium oil can fight the nerve pain and uplift your spirits within seconds.

5. Improves Mental Functioning

Organic Geranium oil possesses a flowery and sweet smell that can relax our body and mind. This oil has known to help cure people having problems of depression, anger and anxiety; thus helps a great deal in improving our mental functioning.

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