Thursday 17 August 2017
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Benefits Of Organic Neem Oil

Organic neem oil is derived from the seeds of multipurpose neem or margosa tree. It is well known in Indian and other Asian cultures for its medicinal and beauty value. In ancient times, it was believed that this oil can cure every illness and disorder. Also, it is also used as a major ingredient in many hair and skin care beauty products. The benefits of organic neem oil are many; we have put together few of them for you.


Dandruff Treatment

You must have seen many dandruff treating shampoos having neem as one of their major ingredients. The reason is that this natural oil maintains scalp’s pH level and its overall health thereby preventing formation of dandruff. Undoubtedly this organic oil is one natural cure for dry scalp and dandruff.

Fights Ageing


The elements that are present in this medicinal oil help a great deal in fighting various skin problems. Carotenoids that are found in a large quantity in neem oil provide high level of anti-oxidants that destroy the free radicals that promote ageing. Moreover, the presence of healthy fatty acids and vitamins make it an excellent product for skin, as it improves the health of our skin making it soft and smooth. Regular application of this beneficial organic product can smooth down the fine lines and wrinkles effectively.

Removes Skin Pigmentation


If you wish to enhance the complexion and tone of your skin, you must include this natural oil in yor beauty regime. Organic neem oil can restrict the secretion of excessive melanin, a skin colouring compound and make the skin brighter and fairer. More than required melanin can cause pigmentation on our skin, therefore by hampering its production, neem oil

Neem oil

Treats Wounds


Minor cuts and wounds also find their treatment in this natural product. The mixture of neem oil and Vaseline when applied on the wound can treat it to a great extent.


Removes Split Ends


Neem seed oil has the ability to repair damaged hair cuticles and make our hair manageable. It offers profound moisture to our hair thus nourishing it from roots till the ends; this also aids in removal of split ends that are the reason behind stunted hair growth. So, in a way regular massage of hair with organic neem oil can remove split ends as well as promote hair growth.


Organic products are a healthy alternative to the non-organically produced products. Day by day people are switching to an organic lifestyle. Before you adopt an organic routine, there is one simple thing you need to keep in mind; all authentic organic products are put to test and are then certified according to their purity level with a label of that particular certification agency. If you buy organic, you must check the label on that package. In USA it is USDA and in India, it is APEDA that are assigned the task to certify genuine organic products.

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