Thursday 17 August 2017
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Benefits Of Organic Pomegranate Seed Oil For Skin

Organic pomegranate seed oil as its name suggests is derived by cold pressing of the seeds of the pomegranate fruit. This naturally obtained oil possesses a fruit like fragrance and comes in an amber color. Organic pomegranate oil finds its use for a myriad of purposes including medicinal as well as cosmetics but the majority of this oil is used in composition of organic skin care products. Almost every organic cosmetic name use this natural oil in their formulas; some common cosmetics which use pomegranate oil as an ingredient are massage oils, soaps, moisturizers, shower gels, etc. The beneficial effect of this natural oil is so profound that only a small amount of it can do wonders for your skin and hair. Here we have listed down some benefits of organic pomegranate oil for your skin and hair.


1.  Suits Every Skin Type

Organic pomegranate oil is an essential oil and similar to other essential oils it penetrates deep into the skin nourishing it from within and imparting it a healthy moisturizing glow. Along with dry skin, this organic oil is best suited for oily and acne prone skin as it gets completely absorbed leaving no greasy residue behind.

2.  Fights Free Radicals

‘Punicic Acid’ is polyunsaturated omega-5 fatty acids and possesses potent anti-inflammatory properties and this healthy fatty acid is an important component of organic pomegranate seed oil. This component has proved to be quite effective in age causing free radicals and protecting from sun damage. Moreover many studies have proved that regular use of pomegranate seed oil can reduce the chances of occurrence of skin cancer to a great extent.

3.  Anti-Dandruff

Dandruff in hair can damage the hair follicles thereby stunting the hair growth and adversely affecting the hair quality. A massage with this oil regularly can keep your scalp clean by preventing the formation of dandruff, thus promoting hair growth.

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4.  Rejuvenates Skin

Organic pomegranate seed oil renders a positive effect on ‘keratinocytes’ which are the cells of the outer layer of the skin. This ultimately leads to a healthy revival of our skin and imparts it a youthful appeal.

5.  Balances Scalp’s Ph Level

This organic oil is very effective in maintaining the pH of the scalp by neutralizing the effect of excess oil production in our scalp. By balancing the oil production, it reduces the greasy texture of hair and washes away all the dirt and bacteria that gets accumulated in the scalp thereby softening and strengthening the hair.

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