Thursday 17 August 2017
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Benefits Of Organic Tonka Bean Oil

Tonka bean oil, as its name suggests is derived from the seeds of the Tonka tree. This tree is native to South and Central America and its seeds are commonly known as Tonka beans. Although Tonka tree is widely used for its timber but its beans or seeds are valued for its vanilla-type aroma and is extensively used in perfumes, foods and cosmetics. There are different grades of Tonka bean oil that are available today but the most revered one is organic Tonka bean essential oil. Prepared by following a complex process, this absolute form of highly essential oil is highly beneficial. Check out some of the benefits of organic Tonka bean oil.

Tonka Bean Oil

1. A Great Fixative

Fixative is basically a substance that helps fix or grip the base fragrance and increase its lasting time on the skin. Several vanilla, floral or fruity scented substances use organic Tonka bean oil to improve the fragrance-effect of their respective product and even enhance their lasting time making them more effective.

2. Antiseptic

Traditionally Tonka beans were soaked in rums and then were applied on cuts, bruises, wounds and even snake bites. These organic products were used as conventional herbal cures in the ancient period and that explains the potency of organic Tonka beans oil as an antiseptic. Now days a more convenient way to use this natural oil as an antiseptic is in the form of this oil.

3. Aromatic Fragrance

The scent of this natural oil resembles that of vanilla so it has become a cheaper alternative for vanilla fragrance. But, being cheaper is not indicative of the degraded quality of its aroma. It possesses a quality aroma and as it can blend well with other essential oils like lavender, patchouli, etc. it is used as a perfumery in several products.

4. Prevents Blood Clotting

‘Coumarin’ derivatives are found in Tonka beans and are hence found in its oil as well. These components make it as a powerful anti-coagulant. Many medicines contain tonka bean extracts courtesy this factor. But, it is advised to not use this product in excess quantities.

organic Tonka Bean Oil

5. Insecticide

Again, the presence of coumarin contributes to this factor of organic Tonka bean oil. This component is known to repel insects and moths alike and is an excellent insecticidal agent. Several studies have proved the efficiency of Tonka bean oil as an insecticide. It is one of the safest and most natural ways to fight off insects especially in farms and in your garden.
Organic products are key to a healthy lifestyle. So, make sure it is the genuine products that you are buying. To ensure authenticity of any organic product, just check its package. Each genuine organic article will bear a label of an authorized certifying agency on its package namely USDA, APEDA, etc.

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