Thursday 17 August 2017
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Do you think Organic Essential Oils Better?

The debate between which of the form of essential oils is better – organic or non-organic is going on for some time now. Some experts are of the opinion that organic essential oils are undoubtedly much better than their non-organic counterparts while some experts opine that there is hardly much of a difference between both the types of essential oils. So, what actually are organic essential oils? Are they actually better than their non-organic form? What is the way to find out whether an essential oil is certified organic? Let us find a valid answer to some of these questions here.

1. What are organic essential oils?

Organic essential oils are the pure essence of a plant. They are mostly produced by steam distillation of the particular plant where the steam of the plant is condensed to produce pure essential oils. This pure form goes under no further processing after steam distillation oil.

2. Are they better than non-organic essential oils?

Organic essential oils are only produced by the plants that come in the ambit of USDA’s national organic program. These plants are grown without the use of any toxic pesticides, GMOs or harmful nitrogen fertilizers. Also, the organic form is therapeutically more stimulating and active than the non organic form; this is the reason all aroma therapists make use of Organic Essential Oils in their clinical treatments. The entire process of extraction of organic essential oils, from distillation to storage, is according to the norms and standards laid down by USDA. Further, these oils do not harm the environment, directly or indirectly, unlike the non-organic essential oils.

Organic Essential Oils

3. Is there any difference in the taste and aroma?

Organic essential oils, just like organic foods, taste much better than their non-organic equivalent. The dissimilarity in the technique of production is the major reason behind this stark difference. Also, organic production makes use of natural fertilizers to grow the organic plants which contributes to a great extent in building up their taste. The striking aroma of organic essential oils is the reason it is a preferred choice among therapists.

4. How to make sure that the product you are buying is genuinely organic?

All organic essential oil are produced according to the National Organic Program run by USDA. Hence, the authentic organic oils will always bear a certification label of USDA. A label of USDA on the package is a guarantee that you are buying an authentic product. Apart from the USA, many other countries have also started their organic programs to certify the organically produced products in their country, e.g. APEDA in India, Japanese Agriculture Standard of Japan, Agriculture Biologique of France, etc.

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