Thursday 17 August 2017
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Health Benefits Of Organic Soybean Oil

Organic soybean oil, as its name suggests is extracted from the soybeans. It is one of the most widely used and cultivated vegetable oils in the world. There are many forms of this oil that are present today, namely hydrogenated, refined and blended. Its health quotient is relatively higher than other vegetable oils due to presence of some healthy fatty acids, plant sterols and vitamins and minerals. The advantages of consuming organic soybean oil are many; we have jotted down a few of them for you.
Soybean Oil

1. Healthy Bones

Calcium and Vitamin K are the two most important components that are needed to maintain the health and strength of bones. This natural product is a rich source of both these elements and thus considered the best way to keep the bones strong. Regular consumption of soybean oil can cure the common old age problem of osteoporosis. Moreover, it quickens the healing and development of bones, as well.

2. Powerful Anti-Oxidant

Again, the presence of Vitamin-E makes this oil an excellent anti-oxidant protecting the skin from any damage caused by free radicals. Along with ensuring skin’s glow, it also eliminates acne marks and other blemishes or spots. The anti-oxidant characteristic of Vitamin-E is not only confined to maintaining the health of the skin but also it looks after the overall health. It strengthens our immune system and also knocks out all the free radicals that are the cause behind cancer, premature ageing and heart ailments.

3. Controls Cholesterol

Organic soybean oil is a great source of essential fatty acids of which omega-3 fatty acid can control the level of cholesterol in our body. The other fatty acids like oleic acid, palmitic acid also aid in lowering the harmful cholesterol content in the body. So, in a way regular consumption of this healthy vegetable oil can reduce the risk of heart strokes and attacks.

soya seeds
4. Healthy Eyes

Omega-3 fatty acids along with balancing the cholesterol content also protect the cell membranes i.e. the extremely delicate area around our eyes through which bacteria and other harmful elements enter. Also, it acts as an anti-oxidant protecting the eyes from cataracts.

5. Treats Alzheimer’s  Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is one common disease that affects a lot of people all over the globe. Organic soybean oil consists of an impressive amount of Vitamin-K which is proved to be an effective medicine for Alzheimer’s. Vitamin-K has the ability to destroy the free radicals that adversely affect the neural cells and can also reverse the effect of Alzheimer’s.

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