Thursday 17 August 2017
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Is Organic Worth It?

When we pick any product for our consumption, we consider variety of aspects ranging from health factor to affordability. Many health experts swear by organic products when it comes to edibles and even beauty products; the reason being their nutrient quotient and healthy production. But the popularity of these chemical-free products has not reached to the required levels owing to the high price they are available in. Lot of discussions has been going on concerning the benefits of adopting an organic lifestyle and whether is it really worth investing in.  Take a quick look at some of these facts below to get an answer to the question – is organic worth it?

Organic Worth

• Why is organic expensive?

Many people avoid inclusion of organic in their diet citing that it is way too expensive; but there is a reason organic foods are priced a little higher than their conventional counterparts. First of all any organic food does not come under a fancy brand of edibles but are certified by authentic organizations like USDA. Moreover for certification of their product, organic producers need to adopt certain standards such as production without the use of harmful synthetic fertilizers or pesticides or any hormone or antibiotic. Also, the quantity of organic fertilizers used in the growth of these products is a lot higher than synthetic fertilizers. All these factors contribute in the higher price of organic products.

• Can organic consumption help us avoid pesticides?

Many studies conducted time and again have produced results that prove that organic edibles have no amount of pesticide in their production while conventional products contain minimum 38% of pesticides.  A study on some children was conducted in which it was found that children having an organic diet have little or no trace of pesticides in their urine unlike children consuming conventional edibles. So, whether organic consumption can help us avoid pesticides – the answer is a firm yes.

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• What to do for the taste quotient?

The foodies out there do not generally go for organic foods thinking that these healthy products are a big disappointment when it comes to taste. But, it is just opposite in reality. Conventionally grown foods cannot even match the flavor and taste of organic foods. Naturally produced, these foods are amazingly delicious along with being safe and healthy.

• Should one buy organic?

Now, the final question is whether organic is actually worth the investment. The answer to this question is by all means affirmative. If you want a chemical free diet, if you do not want to compromise with your health and if taste is what that matters then organic is the perfect option for you.

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