Thursday 17 August 2017
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Neem-An Organic Solution To Skin Problems

•  Neem is popularly known as the Indian argosa Tree all over the world and is known for its amazing herbal properties. Mostly found in the evergreen dense forests of India, the leaves of the neem plant are used all over the globe for its curative properties. Apart from India, this tree is also found in the forests of Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Japan and tropical areas of Australia and Africa.

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•  The most significant extract of this tree is its oil. Organic neem oil is derived from every part of the plant; all its parts, e.g. leaves, roots, stem, flowers, etc are processed to extract the herbal neem oil. This oil has been extensively used in Ayurvedic Medicine since ancient times.

•  People even consume neem juice for maintaining their health and the glow on their skin. Though, it is bitter in taste but works as an effective tonic for several health issues along with removing toxins from our body.

•  Organic neem is considered as one of the most potent agent for purification of blood; and it is because of this attribute, this plant is considered as the ultimate solution of all skin problems. Anti-microbial and anti-bacterial in nature, organic neem keeps the skin away from blemishes, scars, spots, pimples and other severe skin problems, as well. It also elevates the glow of the skin and can also prevent signs of ageing if used on a daily basis.

Neem-An Organic Solution To Skin Problems

•  There are many methods in which one can use neem for organic skin care. It can be applied topically or consumed internally; one can create a paste using its leaves and then apply it on the skin as a facial mask or regular consumption of neem oil in small quantities can do wonders for your skin.

•  Not only, organic neem can improve the appearance of your skin, it can enhance the quality of your hair, too. Massaging the scalp with organic neem oil daily can help you get rid of hair problems like hair fall, lice and restore their luster.

•  If you cannot find the natural neem leaves, you can always opt for its organic version. Organic neem oil and paste are available at certain organic cosmetic stores. For truly enjoying the benefits of this miraculous plant, just make sure that the product you are buying is strictly organic. You can do that by checking the ingredients as well as certification label on the package.

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