Thursday 24 August 2017
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Organic Beauty- Coconut Oil V/S Organic Almond Oil- Which Is Better?

A perfect beauty regime is not complete without beauty oil; oils keep your skin moisturized, toned and shining. Two such beauty oils that are most extensively used in beauty routines of several women are organic almond oil and organic coconut oil. Both these organic oils possess certain properties that make them highly beneficial for skin as well for hair. But, the effect of which of the two is more profound, which one is more beneficial for skin and which one for hair – below you will find the answers to these question with this quick comparison between the beauty benefits of organic coconut oil and organic almond oil.

Nutrient Composition

Organic almond oil is enriched with healthy vitamins and minerals. It is one of the richest source of Vitamin-E and also other nutrients like Vitamin-B, Vitamin-D, magnesium, calcium and fatty acids like Omega-9(Oleic Acid) and Omega-6 (Linoleic Acid). These nutrients are highly beneficial for maintaining the health of the skin and hair. On the other hand organic coconut oil is an extremely rich source of healthy fatty acids like caprylic acid, capric acid and lauic acid. Moreover, coconut oil even possesses anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties, thus is an effective cleansing agent for skin and hair.

Coconut Oil V-S Organic Almond Oil

Skin Care

When it is about organic skin care, organic almond oil certainly has an upper hand over organic coconut oil. Although organic coconut oil is a good moisturizing agent for skin and helps reduce the dryness of skin and even prevents certain skin infections but its effect on our skin not as profound as almond oil. This Vitamin-E rich organic oil has the ability to enhance the overall appeal of your skin. Also, organic almond oil can prevent any damage caused by sun-exposure, reduces wrinkles, fine lines and reduces the ageing effect along with keeping the skin moisturized and toned.

Hair Care

Organic coconut oil has been used for natural hair care since time immemorial. The reason why this organic oil is considered as the best choice as hair oil is its ability to replace the lost protein in hair. Regular massage with coconut oil can help repair damaged hair, thus providing a distinct shine to the hair; also it strengthens the hair follicles preventing hair fall and boosting hair growth. Organic almond oil can also be considered a good alternative for hair care; this oil imparts a soft texture to your hair and prevents split ends.

Both these organic oils are a complete package in terms of organic make-up. Also, both these oils are conveniently available at various organic cosmetic stores and that too at affordable prices.

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