Thursday 17 August 2017
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Organic Canola Oil V/S Peanut Oil

Which cooking oil to use in order to stay healthy and physically fit – a question asked by almost every health conscious person out there. Out of the variety of vegetable oils available two oils that are extensively popular and considered healthy among many are organic canola oil and peanut oil. Both these cooking oils are used in several kitchens owing to the presence of large quantity of monounsaturated fats and aid effectively in balancing the level of cholesterols in our body. Here is a quick comparison between organic canola oil and peanut oil that will elaborate on their attributes and their use in the kitchen.

• Composition

When it comes to containing healthy constituents, no oil is as healthy as organic canola oil. It is one of the oils that have the highest amount of monounsaturated fats that are remarkably beneficial for heart’s health. This organic oil has approximately 60% of monounsaturated fats that make it extremely healthy and safe to use. On the other hand, peanut oil is not considered as healthy as organic canola oil with respect to fat content. While peanut oil contains 48% of monounsaturated fats but the quantity of saturated fats is slightly higher than required and this makes it less healthy.

Organic Canola Oil V/S Peanut Oil

• Smoke Point

Smoke point is that temperature beyond which if the oil is cooked, it produces fumes that are extremely dangerous for our health. Peanut oil has a smoking point of approximately 450 Fahrenheit while canola oil has a smoking point of 400 Fahrenheit; so peanut oil is considered a better option for deep frying and high temperature cooking.

• Uses

Peanut oil has a characteristic flavor which makes it a favorite among Asians and is used in almost every Asian dish. This oil can be used in almost any type of cooking – deep frying, stir frying, dressings and oven cooking. Organic canola oil does not have any prominent smell, therefore can be easily used in place of butter or margarine. It can also be used when sautéing, stir-frying or baking.

Healthy and delicious, both these oils are one of the best cooking oils available. But you will enjoy their benefits only when you use naturally produced and cold pressed organic oils. The organic form of these oils is the only form that is natural and produced without the use of any harmful methods. Organic products are produced according to the guidelines and standards given by organizations like USDA and genuine ones often bear their certification label which makes it easy for us to differentiate from the fake ones.

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