Thursday 17 August 2017
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Organic Foods V/S Conventional Foods

From the last few years, the debate regarding which foods are healthier and better, organic or conventional has been going on among many experts all over the globe. The answer to this question has although not been entirely determined; but here is an insight on the details related to organic and conventional foods that will surely give an idea about what kind of foods you should include in your diet.

What are organic foods and conventional foods?

Organic foods are the foods that are produced by purely organic methods. These foods include fruits, vegetable, dairy products, vegetable oils, grains, etc. Organically grown foods are produced without the use of any harsh pesticides and chemicals and thus are usually high on nutrients. Conventionally produced foods are produced by adopting the conventional methods of growing by way of using pesticides and insecticides.

Are organic foods safer than conventionally grown foods?

Several studies and research have given organic foods an upper hand over conventional foods in terms of nutrients, safety and healthy. These foods unlike conventional ones are not grown using pesticides or any other harmful toxics. Also, the organic foods retain the nutrients of all the foods whereas conventional foods lose some of the essential vitamins in their growing process.


Are organic foods more nutritious?

The nutrition value of organic foods is undoubtedly higher than the conventional ones. They are produced using natural techniques with no use of any poisonous chemicals. Although conventional foods contain a considerable amount of nutrients but certain minerals and vitamins can get lost owing to the use of excessive pesticides and insecticides.

How to ensure that what we buy is genuinely organic?

There are many organic programs that ensure that the production, processing and authentication of organic products are done by following certain standards. All genuine organic foods come with a certification label. The national organic program in the USA label organic foods in 3 ways:100% organic: These foods are completely organic in which no synthetic ingredients are permitted. These products come with a USDA certification label.Organic: Foods bearing the ‘organic’ label are produced using 95% organic ingredients. Such products also bear the USDA label.

Made with organic ingredients: These products do not bear the USDA mark on their package as the ingredients used in producing them are 70% organic and 30% are inorganic or synthetic ingredients.

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