Thursday 17 August 2017
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Organic Make-Up With Olive Oil

Organic make-up is incomplete without olive oil. It is one of the most frequently used components in the cosmetic industry. It is a great source of vitamins and antioxidants and thus is an excellent product for the health and maintenance of the skin. Organic olive oil regenerates the skin cell and is regarded as excellent beauty oil. Here we are going to jot down some practical methods to use olive oil as organic make-up.

As Body Lotion

The most natural way to moisturize dry skin is olive oil. The remarkable effect that this product has on our skin is unparallel. One can apply it as a body lotion while taking shower or immediately after that. This process if regularly followed will leave you with the softest and healthiest of skin.

As Make-Up Remover

Light or heavy make-up, this oil can be one of the finest make-up removers you have ever used. To remove light make-up just put some oil on a cotton pad and wipe off your make-up with it. While for heave make-up, massage your face with organic olive oil and then wipe off your skin with a soft cloth soaked in warm water.

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As Eye Cream

Maintaining beautiful eyes is no herculean task with organic olive oil. The vitamins present in this product helps to remove the fine lines around the eyes and lighten the dark circles. Just dab some of this organic make-up product around your eyes before going to bed or in the morning to nourish the skin around your eyes.

As Face Mask

Normal or dry skin, a face mask with this organic product as its ingredient will lend a wonderful glow to your skin. Making a home-made face mask with this oil is a fairly easy procedure- Mix one tablespoon of olive oil with egg yolk; apply it on your face and keep for 5-10 minutes. Wash first with warm water and then with cold water to give a shining edge to your skin. All organic make-up techniques with olive oil are simple to prepare and extremely high in the benefits they give to our skin.

As Bathing Oil

A soft and smooth skin is guaranteed when you take bath using this naturally excellent product. Preparing an olive oil bath is a convenient process. Just put five tablespoons of this oil in your bath tub and enjoy the most rejuvenating and supple skin.
Organic products come with a certification label that is a measure of the authenticity of these naturally processed products. Every organic product bearing a genuinely certified label is 100% pure and extremely beneficial to use.

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