Thursday 17 August 2017
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Organic Olive Oil V/S Non-Organic

Olive oil is one of the most widely used oils all over the world; from cooking to skin care, this oil finds its use for multiple purposes. Similar to its uses, the variety in which this oil is available in the market today is also plenty. When we talk about olive oil, it is all about making the right choice to get the maximum benefit. The varieties of olive oil are namely organic extra virgin oil, extra virgin oil and non-organic oil. Organic extra virgin olive oil is the pricey one among all the other varieties but it is certainly worth the buy. The comparison explained below will provide you with a clear picture on why organic extra virgin oil should be your first choice when you buy olive oil.

•  Difference Between Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Usually people confuse organic extra virgin oil and extra virgin oil version of olive oils, as similar ones; but both these varieties, though called extra virgin come, with a slight difference. Both these oils have similar properties and are extracted by first pressing of olives; but, while extra virgin olive oil is produced with regular fresh olives, organic extra virgin olive oil is derived from certified olives. Certified olives are certified by regulating organizations like USDA and are grown as per strict regulations. No chemicals, pesticides and other harmful toxins are used while growing certified organic olives. Thus, organic extra virgin oil is much safer and healthier than its extra virgin counterpart.

Organic Olive Oil V-S Non-Organic

•  Difference between Organic Olive Oil and Non-Organic Olive Oil

Non-organic or lower grades of olive oil are majorly termed as refined olive oil or pure olive oil. These versions of olive oil, might use fresh olive in the extraction procedure but the process used for extraction is far cry from the one used in the production of its organic counterpart. The production of non-organic olive oil involves high heating and at times even a solvent is used to stimulate production. Due to such external procedures, the chemical composition and even the taste of non-organic olive oil is remarkably different from organic olive oil.

•  Conclusion

If you want to relish the delicious taste of olive oil and enjoy its maximum benefit, then organic extra virgin olive oil is undoubtedly the best choice. You just have to look for the mark of certification of a regulating organization on the package to ensure its authenticity.

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