Thursday 17 August 2017
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Organic Sesame Oil V/S Vegetable Oil

Cooking good food is not only about flavor and taste but it is also about cooking healthy and nutrient rich food. There are varieties of vegetable oils present that are used in cooking of various types and then there are specialty cooking oils like organic sesame oil. Both these oils are extensively used for cooking purposes and are known for the delicious touch they lend to a dish. But, which of these oils is a richer source of nutrients? Which one is safe to use in which type of cooking? Let us find an answer to these questions and much more by way of this comparison between the properties of organic sesame oil and vegetable oil.

Components And Ingredients

Organic sesame oil is extracted from sesame seeds by using cold pressed methods. This oil is absolutely pure derived without any use of harsh methods and chemical procedures. This is why this natural oil can be used directly as dressings on salads or side dishes. But, vegetable oils on the other hand are always blended with other kinds of oils to enhance their flavor. The oils that are used in blending with vegetable oils are sunflower, safflower, corn and soybean oils.



Smoking Points

There are two methods of extracting organic sesame oil that somewhat determine the smoking point of this natural product. The oil derived by raw seeds has a smoking point of 420 F whereas the one that is derived by toasted seeds possess a relatively higher smoking point, so it can be conveniently used for frying. Organic Vegetable oils on the other hand are derived from various sources and blended with many oils so have an extremely high smoking point and can be used for any sort of cooking.


When we talk about flavor and taste, organic sesame oil get a thumbs up when compared with vegetable oil. Sesame oil has a distinct and good flavor that it renders to the dishes it is used with. Vegetable oil is a mixture of many flavors, so it loses its own flavor and is not that delicious in taste. This attribute makes it an apt choice for baking and frying where the flavor of oil does not matter much.

Allergic Issues

People consuming more of sesame oil face allergic issues to a great extent. This natural oil comes with extremely high allergic risks and can cause severe breathing and asthma problems. Vegetable oils are made with oils that are at a lower allergic risk; so is a better choice for people already suffering from allergies.

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