Thursday 17 August 2017
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Top 6 Benefits Of Organic Castor Oil

The seeds of the castor plant are squeezed to generate the amazingly beneficial organic castor oil. It is a natural remedy for many ailments and is being used since ancient times. Anti-bacterial, anti-viral, loaded with healthy fatty acids and anti-inflammatory; all these properties have made it one of the most widely used oils for medicinal and other industrial purposes. Its benefits are many for our hair, skin and health; we have listed some of them here.

Organic Castor Oil   1. Treats Skin Problems

The problems of sun burn, acne, warts, dry skin, itching, etc find their solution in organic castor oil. This product is considered a boon for the health of the skin owing to its remarkable skin healing properties. Regular application of this natural oil to the affected area will help you get rid of all sorts of skin infections. For better results one should apply castor oil twice in a day.

2. Treats Ringworms

Ringworms, a common problem that is prevalent in almost every age group. Undecylenic acid is an active ingredient of this oil that supports quick and successful healing of ringworms. Mix 2 teaspoons of castor oil with 4 teaspoons of coconut oil and apply it on the affected area. Cover it with a cotton cloth and keep it overnight for best results.

3. Anti-Microbial

Its anti-microbial properties make it a great disinfectant for topical wounds and injuries. Moreover, its anti-inflammatory nature helps to relieve pain in joints and muscles and also treats minor infections and itching. Its increasing use in medicines and ointments is a testimony to its huge advantage for the human body.

4. Treats Scalp Infection

Fungal or bacterial infection in scalp can cause severe hair problems like itchy scalp, bald patches, etc. As we know castor possesses highly effective anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which help it in fighting pathogens and micro-organisms that can adversely the health of our scalp and quality of our hair.

Organic Castor Oil
5. Treats Constipation

Organic castor oil is used since time immemorial as a home remedy for constipation. Intake of one teaspoon of this oil for 3 continuous days can cure the problem of constipation to a great extent.

6. Strengthens Immunity

Several researches have shown that castor oil increases the amount of white blood cells in our body within 24 hours of application; therefore enhancing our immunity and strengthening the defense mechanism of our body.

Organic products should always be purchased by conducting a complete examination of its authenticity. It can be done in an extremely easy manner; simply check the certification label of a government authorized organization. If the label exists, the said product is a genuine one and can be consumed without any risk.


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