Thursday 24 August 2017
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Ways To Consume Organic Coconut Oil Daily

We often hear how organic coconut oil is good for our health apart from being a remarkable beauty oil. Daily consumption of 4 tablespoons of organic coconut oil ensures physical fitness as well as a glowing skin. There are several ways to include this natural product in our daily diet; though organic coconut oil is used as cooking oil in some parts of the world but it is not the same everywhere. There are many other ways to consume organic coconut oil daily for people who do not use it as a cooking oil; few of them are jotted down here.


1. Substitute For Butter

Owing to the semi-solid state of organic coconut oil, it can be effectively used as a replacement for butter and other semi-solid fats. Spread it on your bread toast daily and enjoy the multiple health perks of this amazing oil.
2. Add To Smoothies

Your daily smoothies can get a fresh twist with a layer of organic coconut oil on top. Add this healthy oil to your fruit or yogurt smoothies and relish the thick texture of your drink along with multiple health advantages.

3. For Frying Dishes

Organic coconut oil can prove to be an excellent option when it comes to deep frying. It can be easily used for frying your favorite dish without imparting it a characteristic smell to it. This natural product does not lose its essential nutrients in the process of frying unlike other cooking oils. Moreover, coconut oil is composed mainly of saturated fats that do not transform into any sort of harmful components on frying.


4. Direct Consumption

The most convenient method to ensure regular consumption of organic coconut oil is the direct intake of 1-2 tablespoon of oil every day. When consuming directly, make sure you use only extra virgin coconut oil as it is more flavorful and aromatic than other forms of coconut oils. This daily intake will leave you more energetic throughout the day and will also aid in regulating metabolism.

5. Capsules

Some people often find the flavor of organic coconut oil unpleasant; the best way for them is a coconut capsule. These capsules come with all the nutrients present in organic coconut oil and are one of the best alternatives.Organic coconut oil is organic only when it comes with a mark of a certified organization. There are many fake organics that are available in the market that come with the word ‘natural’; these products are not organic and are often manufactured using synthetic chemicals and fragrances. Always check the label on the package before purchasing any organic edible.

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