All About Organic Foods

All About Organic Foods

In today’s world of increasing contamination and adulteration, large numbers of people are turning to organic foods. The world is going organic and it is high time we get an in-depth knowledge on this next big thing. Why have organic foods gained such immense popularity among masses? How are these foods processed? Are they really nutritious and healthy for us? What is the way to identify whether a product is organic or not? You will find answers to all these questions and much more in the following article.

All About Organic Foods

What are organic foods?

Organic foods are the foods that are produced by organic farming and organic methods. The farmers practicing organic farming use natural fertilizers and adopt crop rotation to maintain the health of the plant as well as the soil. Not only plants, organic poultry products like meat, eggs and milk come from animals that are not given any sort of growth hormone or antibiotics. No pesticides or harmful chemicals, organic foods are pure, safe, healthy and nutrient-rich.

How are organic foods processed?

Organic farming is the method that is used to process organic foods. The techniques adopted in organic farming are a far cry from the conventional farming methods. While conventional farming makes use of all kinds of pesticides and insecticides, organic farming is done with natural fertilizers and with use of techniques like crop rotation. This kind of farming helps in preservation of soil, water and reducing pollution; thereby maintaining the ecological balance to a great extent.

All About Organic Foods

How to identify organic products?

These days, one can find organic products from health food stores to supermarkets. So, it becomes quite a task to differentiate genuine ones from synthetic ones for people who are not aware. It is imperative to know here that all authentic organic products come with a certification label- a label of government approved organizations that determine the standard and quality of variety of organic foods available in the market. This step is taken by almost every government in the world to assure product quality and purity. These countries even have certain programs like National Program for Organic Production (India) , National Organic Program (U.S.A.) that determine the standards that have to be maintained by firms related to organic products. Here is the list of some certification organization of organic foods and oils.

USDA – United States Department of Agriculture

APEDA – Agriculture and Processed Food Product Export Development Authority (India)

AB – Agriculture Biologique (France)

Irish Organic Farmers And Growers Association (Ireland)

Whenever you go and purchase any organic food product, make sure you carefully examine all its labels and details.

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